About kuraci

Kuraci Pharma is a young company founded by pharmacists for pharmacists. Many years of experience in all parts of the pharmaceutical world, from regulatory affairs and quality assurance, to public pharmacies in several European countries, we have developed a clear vision of what is happening in the market. Relying on a extended, established network within the industry, distribution and dispensing chemists, we can develop new products in a fast and flexible manner.

Our mission is to develop quality products, elegant in their simplicity, which offer real added value to the patient and pharmacist. Kuraci Pharma guarantees a no-nonsense approach across the entire line. Whether it comes to our products or contacts with the various parties involved, with our direct style we always go for the solutions.


Kuraci Pharma aims to develop simple, yet effective formulas. We have different products in different phases of development.

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Eye cleaner
Auri cleaner
Auri care
PEA-derm 50
PEA-derm 150
PEA-derm crème
PEA-San 50
PEA-San 150
PEA-San crème


Kuraci Pharma as starting company, always looking for partners to expand the portfolio with strong products through in-licensing and co-development. We focus on products with unique features, satisfying the high demands of our patients. Also, we are open to out-licensing of products that Kuraci Pharma already has on the market. Together we go for sustainable growth.

Curious about what we have to offer? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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